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About Us

We Are OWG

Trusted Azure Expertise at the Core of OWG’s Managed IT Services

OWG redefines managed IT services by specializing in Microsoft Azure and cloud technologies, setting a new standard for expertise in an area often overlooked by competitors. Their mastery of Azure, honed since its 2017 Beta guarantee advanced and dependable services. Rejecting generic solutions, OWG crafts personalized strategies to meet specific customer needs, emphasizing transparency in their customer relations. Their unique approach of implementing only tried-and-tested solutions ensures customers receive genuine, effective support. This commitment extends to a responsive service desk with an average response time under 2 hours and a customer satisfaction rate of 99.67% all to enhance customer experiences and foster a partnership that champions growth and technological innovation.
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A Different Approach to Private Cloud Desktop Solutions

In an industry often saturated with one-size-fits-all solutions, OWG stands out by offering a fundamentally different approach to visionary cloud solutions and technologies. Our philosophy is rooted in customization, understanding that each business has unique needs and challenges. By diving deep into the specifics of your operations, we tailor private cloud desktop environments that not only meet your current demands but are scalable for future growth.

Meet Our Leadership

Managing Partner
Brandon Marks

Brandon Marks is the managing partner at OWG, operating from the Montville, NJ, office. His journey in IT began in the mid-80s with an IBM AT, sparking a lifelong passion for technology. In 1999, he launched his first IT practice, gaining extensive experience across various platforms, such as Novell, MAC, and Microsoft networks. He established OWG in 2018 with a vision to innovate and return to foundational IT principles. His recent endeavors center on cybersecurity and public cloud infrastructure, with a particular focus on Azure and AWS environments.

Operating Partner
Nick Rigali

Nick Rigali, the operating partner at OWG's Los Angeles office, embarked on his IT journey as an independent consultant and web developer at just 16. In 2014, he founded his first IT services firm and joined OWG in 2021, driven by a shared vision for innovation. With extensive experience in the entertainment sector, Nick has refined his expertise with law firms, business management firms, PR firms, and agencies. He currently focuses on compliance and public cloud infrastructure, specializing in Azure, bringing cutting-edge solutions to OWG's clients.

Continuously Working To Deliver Meaningful Change

OWG was founded in 2018 by industry veterans Brandon Marks and Nick Rigali to bring a new way of delivering technology solutions throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.


The OWG team is comprised of highly trained and technically certified in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure in addition to many other solutions and platforms. We work in Azure every day – know it inside and out, what works best and what doesn’t. Our partners can’t be experts in everything – they rely on OWG to be their Azure expert. We partner with companies to be a part of their journey while helping them achieve the results they’re striving for through technology.

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Your Success Is Our Success

When you work with OWG, we don’t see you as a “client.” We see you as a partner. In fact, the word client is not even allowed to be used in our organization. As a result, we truly see you as a partner, and your success is our success. OWG will be with you every step of the way when it comes to your IT journey.


We work tirelessly to ensure you have access to the technology that will not only help you achieve your short-term goals, but your long-term ones as well. OWG offers private cloud desktop solutions to businesses like yours to overcome challenges, achieve growth, and gain an edge on competitors. We are determined to drive outcomes and deliver on our commitments.

Most Likely We’ve Worked With a Company Like Yours

We partner with companies across a number of industries to help them make the most of the cloud and other solutions. Some examples of who we work with include:

There are quite a lot of options out there when it comes to accounting technology. Our experts help ensure you’re using the best private cloud desktop software to support your partners, while always keeping security and efficiency top of mind. We also offer extended support hours during tax seasons.


Law offices deal regularly with security- and time-sensitive tasks, and it’s essential to work with a partner that understands the industry’s unique needs. OWG has the expertise and experience in legal work that can help make IT hassles, concerns, and roadblocks a thing of the past.


Strong security, better communication, and a solid infrastructure are all must-haves in the healthcare industry. OWG works to ensure that those in healthcare have access to the tools they need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability, while always keeping compliance in mind.

Tech consulting
And More…

Even if you don’t fit into one of these three industries, we have private cloud desktop solutions available for you. We assist advertising and creative agencies, PR firms, and more with creative cloud solutions and consulting services that allow you to gain a competitive edge.


Technology With a Heart – the 6 Bs of Purpose-Driven Progress

As a collective of technology generalists and principled businesspeople, we are driven by a vision that extends beyond the boundaries of our industry.


Our foundational 6Bs:

  • Be of service
  • Be accountable
  • Be tenacious
  • Be an innovator
  • Be empathetic
  • Be dependable-reflect a deep-seated commitment to leaving the world better than we found it.


We champion personal growth and societal contribution by encouraging our team to engage in charity work, supporting them with additional time off and funded trips to make a tangible difference. In line with our core values, we also contribute a deliberate portion of our earnings to carefully selected charities each year, ranging from national organizations to local initiatives in New Jersey, Los Angeles, or wherever we have a presence. Institutions like St. Jude, various artistic programs, and human-i-t are not just beneficiaries of our philanthropy; they are partners in our mission to enact real change—a claim many assert, but few truly fulfill.

Our Commitment to a Trusted Team

At OWG, we meticulously build a team that’s not only aligned with our values but also adheres to the highest ethical and regulatory standards. Our hiring process, rigorous by design, includes background checks, drug and financial screenings, and psychological assessments. This stringent approach ensures we understand the nuances of each candidate’s character and their potential to thrive. It’s a practice that demands time and resources, yet it’s crucial for fostering a trustworthy and competent team committed to ethical business practices and regulatory mandates. Through this, we invest not just in skill but in integrity, solidifying the core principles that define our company.

Vendor Agnostic

If you’re tired of IT getting in the way of your performance and accomplishing your goals, please reach out to us.
We’re eager to hear about your frustrations and see where we can help.