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IT Integration

Could Better IT Integration Deliver More ROI?

A new approach to your network can improve communication and efficiency.


Get the Seamless Connection Your Business Needs

When it comes to your network and software, hiccups can lead to lost opportunities. IT integration services can help companies like yours ensure seamless communication between network and software by delivering implementation and integration solutions, assistance with overcoming obstacles, and architectural design.

Are IT Challenges Causing You To Lose Deals?

Challenges that come up due to poor IT integration can seriously impact employee productivity and workflows. How many hours are they spending trying to get software to work within a network? That time could be better spent assisting customers and completing other tasks on their to-do list. And it’s not just this ongoing fight that could be causing you to waste money and time – dropped calls, security holes due to poor implementation, and overall poor customer service because of a lack of efficiency could be putting your entire company at risk.

IT Integration Services Can Fill the Gaps

What gaps is your organization facing when it comes to technology, your network, and systems? From security to tracking inventory, it’s necessary that you have the tools and resources that work to deliver the seamless integration you need to perform your work without unnecessary hassle.


Solutions that are presented during network and system assessments can help you make the most of web portals, mobile apps, inventory barcoding, communication and collaboration tools, IoT control solutions, and electronic signatures. IT integration services can also ensure you’re making the most of your business data, have access to the platforms that best serve each department within your business, and have the security you need to keep employees, customers, and your company safe.

IT Integration Solutions That Fit Your Business – and Your Business Alone

When searching for IT integration services, it’s important to work with a partner that understands your company is unique, and that your needs, wants, and goals will be unique as well. That’s where we come in. Starting with a consulting-first approach, we get to know your business requirements and ask the appropriate questions to get to the bottom of your company’s short- and long-term goals.


We’ll use those conversations to uncover the best solutions, products, technologies, and vendors for your needs, not just boxed solutions. And we don’t disappear after the dotted line is signed – we provide ongoing support, even after the integration process.


How Do We Work With New Partners?

Let's Talk About Your IT

We always begin with a conversation about your current system, network, and software. We want to know how they're working with one another, what concerns you have, what obstacles you're regularly facing, and, of course, your goals.

We'll Recommend Solutions

Based on those conversations and our consulting-first approach, our team will get to work researching and picking out the best solutions for your individual business. All of this is done with your existing systems in mind.

Testing Starts

We don't just implement these IT solutions after the recommendation. Building and testing is an essential part of the process. We don't want to leave you with tools that don’t work when you need them to, so we'll test them in real-world scenarios your team is likely to run into.

We'll Deploy the Tools

Once we're sure the solutions will work in the real world, we'll walk you through the implementation and integration of the newest tools and solutions. OWG will help your team make the most of these adjustments, while also offering ongoing support and recommendations when you need it.


Why OWG for IT Integration Services?

IT integrations regularly produce a wealth of challenges that businesses have to overcome, but we enjoy solving the obstacles that come with this territory. We’re not one to shy away. Our team brings creative, innovative solutions to the table that solve the issues you’re facing, not create new ones. With decades of work across a number of industry sectors, we have the experience needed when it comes to recommending the best technology for any integration challenge. OWG is always willing to put in the effort that keeps your business heading towards growth and efficiency.

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