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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions That Get You Where You Want To Be

A modern cloud platform delivers the flexibility, scalability and security your team requires in today’s ever-evolving world.

Cloud computing
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Cloud Solutions for Your Dynamic Needs

Migrating to the cloud offers a wealth of benefits to companies like yours. You can focus more on compliance within your industry, reduce your reliance on your physical office network, enable your remote workforce to be more productive, all while reducing risk and improving collaboration among your team members. Your business will be able to maximize uptime and access your critical information that’s central to your work, all while improving your company’s reputation and customer experience.

Aging Infrastructure Could Equal a Loss of Productivity

If you’re stuck on aging infrastructure, you’re probably throwing money, time, and effort away. Cloud solutions are essential to ensuring your team (whether remote, hybrid, or in the office) can work to the best of their ability. Without this technology, you could be hampering their ability to collaborate and work efficiently. The inability to properly transmit data can lead to project delays and a lackluster customer experience. If your infrastructure isn’t keeping up, it’s likely your security is lagging behind as well, holding the door open to threats, hackers, and fines.
Profit Loss

Cloud Solutions That Fill the Gaps in Your Business

Cloud solutions are no longer an option. There are several ways companies, including yours, can take advantage of modern cloud computing, from virtual desktop environments to Azure, AWS and Citrix cloud platforms. OWG offers comprehensive but tailored packages when it comes to the cloud. We want to be sure you’re fully taking advantage of this technology to improve security, scalability, efficiency, and productivity throughout every aspect of your business operations.

Microsoft Azure

We often recommend Microsoft Azure’s platforms to our customers. This next-generation cloud platform comes with security and compliance tools, 99.9% guaranteed data availability, and the resources you need to increase agility and take advantage of new opportunities in your field. It even comes with different price options to best fit your budget, wants, and needs – and we’ve found it to be one of the best solutions for many of our customers.

Access Work Securely From Anywhere in the World

With cloud collaboration tools, you can see an uptick in productivity, as file and information sharing between your team members is easier than ever. Even if you have a hybrid approach to work, your team will be able to access the documents they need to perform their jobs from any computer or mobile device.


And, without the cloud, your security is in danger. Companies must keep up with the latest threats. Opting for cloud solutions ensures you’re always working to keep hackers out. Not only does this deliver better security compliance in line with your industry, it reduces the chance of a data breach and business downtime.


What To Expect When Working With Us

We Get To Know You

First, we want to ensure we understand your business and its needs when it comes to the cloud. We'll make sure we're a good fit for your company, hear about your business goals, and ask questions.

We Identify Solutions

Once we know how your business could best benefit from the cloud, we will identify solutions. We only focus on what you need - we don’t try to sell you everything under the sun.

We'll Reach Out With a Plan

Solutions in hand, we'll present them to you to see what you think. This strategy will be comprehensive and fill the gaps of your current IT plan.

We'll Get Started

If the proposal is what you're looking for in cloud solutions, we'll get started as partners. We'll implement the technology and help you and your employees make the most of the newest services to ensure those gaps are closed for good.

Get Started With OWG’s Cloud Solutions

We understand that technology can be frustrating as well as confusing. That’s why we want to focus on helping you make the most of it, especially when it comes to the cloud. We offer customized practices and approaches that ensure you’re using this tech to its fullest potential without the fluff. We don’t expect you to fit into a box, which is why we always offer a personalized strategy and customer experience. Our team wants to see your business succeed – we don’t feel we have reached success until you have.

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