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We’re Hiring!

Are you looking to advance your career in IT with a stronger focus on a work-life balance? Learn about our unique opportunities at our innovative, fast-growing company below.


Who Are We?

Overwatch Group (OWG) was founded by industry veterans in 2018 to help businesses and organizations improve their approach to IT, technology solutions, privacy, and security, with accountability and responsiveness in mind at all times. We have two offices, located in Montville, New Jersey, and Culver City, California – in Los Angeles County. We care deeply about each and every one of our employees, and always aim to make sure you have the resources you need for both work and life.

Why Should You Work at OWG?

Since we know the industry from both sides of the table, we understand how “burnout” is the norm in IT. That’s why we always strive to ensure our employees have a work-life balance that allows them to actually be able to enjoy their time off.


We never expect you to stay until every ticket is completed, on-call triggers are rare, and we do everything we can to remove burnout from the equation for each of our team members. On-site visits are minimal as 80-90% of our partners’ infrastructure is in Azure and AWS. We’re highly protective of your work-life balance.


OWG has a culture of self-management – this means we won’t micromanage what you do. You have the freedom to use your own judgment and complete your own tasks, without anyone looking over your shoulder. With only one team meeting a week, you don’t have to worry about working late into the night just to get all your work done.


We also offer a relaxed work environment, flexibility around your personal life, 1-2 days a week of work from home, monthly happy hours, fun group events a few times a year, fairly regular dinner events, a healthy bonus pool, and great benefits for each of our employees.


Our benefits include a wide variety of healthcare, vision, and dental options (of which we cover a portion), 2 weeks of vacation and 1 week of sick time, and 401k with a match up to 4% of your salary.

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Are You a Good Fit?

When we hire, we’re looking for team members who want to build careers with us, not just jobs. We always aim for long-lasting relationships with our vendors, and we strive for that with our employees as well. OWG is looking for team members who value accountability, growth and self-management. If you need to be watched to be productive or pushed in order to complete your work, OWG may not be the best fit for you. If you’re good at pushing yourself and just GSD, you’ll do well with us.


As a disclaimer, at this time we are not hiring fully remote positions. We already have quite a widespread staff and we need more local folks. OWG is looking for individuals who can physically come to our Los Angeles or New Jersey locations 3–4 times a week.

Current Openings

Think you would be a good fit for OWG? Check out our current openings in the list below and make sure to contact us with any questions.

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