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IT Consulting Services

A Customized Approach to IT Consulting

We are committed to helping you identify and solve your company’s IT challenges.


We Bring Value to the Table

We understand what you’re up against in your industry when it comes to IT, risk, compliance, and technology integration. That’s why we offer IT consulting services that help ensure you’re compliant and managing risk, both operational and financial. With our assistance, you can get prepared, win those bigger deals, and grow your business.

Is a Lack of an IT Strategy Holding You Back?

Did you know a lack of an IT strategy can hurt your business growth, lower employee retention, hurt productivity, and result in major lost opportunities? This is especially the case if you’re not industry compliant. Waiting to act until you’re breached can cause financial problems for your company as you lose clients and deals, and you may even get shut down. Yikes.

IT Consulting That Fits Your Company’s Needs

When you opt for IT consulting with OWG, you can expect services and advice focusing on:

IT Risk Management

What risks does your business face when it comes to IT? Understanding these is one of the first steps to developing a technology strategy that fulfills your company’s needs. We help you identify the risks so you can move your business forward.

IT Compliance

Staying compliant within your industry is an absolute must. Whether you’re in healthcare and need to think about HIPAA or ISO/SOC or you are in entertainment and TPN is on your mind, our work will help ensure your business stays compliant. We offer comprehensive strategies that do more than just tick off these boxes.

IT Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure needs to keep up with your business and industry, which means having the tools to support your team, whether they’re working at the office or remotely. As your partner, we offer tailored infrastructure strategies that fill your company’s unique needs and provide your staff with a great user experience.

Technology Integration

Looking for new hardware? Considering new software for your firm? Looking to integrate into a modern cloud platform? A seamless integration is central to productivity and efficiency. We’re your teammate in helping you find solutions in technology integration, even after the installation.

What IT Problems Are You Facing?

Running your business effectively doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, especially when it comes to technology. You should be able to see your IT working without constant calls to your IT support provider or endless help desk tickets. Many businesses find:

  • They’ve outgrown their small IT provider
  • They’re not getting the personalized experience they need from larger providers
  • The IT staff just doesn’t speak their language

These problems can compound, leading to other issues, including:

  • Lack of compliance
  • Challenges onboarding or offboarding employees
  • Poor experience for the end user, your staff members

Solving these problems on your own can be tough. It can be difficult to identify the questions you need to ask to improve IT strategies, where you need to be compliant to win those big clients, how to achieve compliance, or even the resources you need to run your business efficiently. Failing to fix the issues can result in breaches or loss of potential clients.

What To Expect With IT Consulting From OWG

Book a Meeting

We start with a meeting – we want to make sure we're the right team for your business. We'll ask a few questions and get to know you, your company, and your current approach to IT.

Identify Solutions

After the initial meeting, our team will do a bit more information gathering. We'll begin to determine your company's IT needs and identify solutions that can fit those gaps.

Discuss a Plan

Next, OWG offers a customized proposal tailored to those needs and gaps. We want to be sure you're happy with the direction we want to take you.

Work Together

If we decide to move forward, we become your partner and you become ours. You can expect a 100-point inspection, a focus on custom employee onboarding and offboarding workflows, and ongoing consulting and support.

IT Consulting for Tomorrow

At OWG, we recognize the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and its critical role in shaping the future of IT. In our consultative approach with partners, we integrate AI strategies to enhance decision-making, optimize operations, and foster innovation. By leveraging AI, we help your business stay ahead of the technological curve, ensuring that your IT infrastructure not only meets today’s demands but is also prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. Whether it’s through automating routine tasks, enhancing cybersecurity measures, or providing predictive analytics to inform strategic decisions, our goal is to empower your business with cutting-edge AI solutions that drive growth, improve efficiency, and enhance competitive advantage.
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How We Can Help Your Business With IT Consulting

Waiting until you’re breached or you lose that big deal due to a lack of compliance won’t help your business grow. We deliver more than a help desk that is a black hole for your tickets. OWG brings an intentional, strategic and transparent approach to the table to ensure you’re getting what you need when it comes to IT. Our team always aims to focus on the actual problems and their root causes, not just treating the symptoms.

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