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IT Compliance

Are You IT Compliant?

If you’re not sure if you’re IT compliant, you’re probably not.


IT Compliance Is Key to Reducing Risk and Winning Deals

By focusing more on IT compliance, you can take your organization to the next level by reducing risk. You can keep cyberattacks and financial fraud at bay, while reducing instances of outages and any resulting downtime. Companies are also looking for partners that are compliant. By focusing on this aspect of your business, you can increase your ability to win those bigger deals without having to play catch-up to meet expectations after the fact or worst-case, losing out on a big RFP because you weren’t prepared.

Lack of Compliance Could Spell Problems for Profit

Many businesses aren’t sure they’re compliant, and this usually means they aren’t, as they haven’t taken the right measures. Whether this is because of a lack of resources or awareness of what is needed, failing to become compliant could result in a loss of partnerships, profit, or even your entire company, depending on your industry. You could also be holding the doors open for risk, allowing cyber criminals access to your network and finances.
Profit Loss

We Help You on Your IT Compliance Journey

We understand compliance can feel intimidating, but OWG is here to help ensure you are asking the right questions, using the best resources for your unique business, and following compliance expectations within your industry.


Whether you have to pay attention to HIPAA, PCI, NY Shield, CCPA or other regulations, we know the frameworks, terms, regulations, tools, and technology your organization needs to reach compliance. And IT compliance isn’t actually all about “IT” – processes and documentation are a necessary part of the larger picture, and we assist you in reaching those benchmarks too.

We Will Navigate the Waters With You

IT compliance isn’t an overnight accomplishment. It can’t be achieved by throwing together documentation that doesn’t fit your company, or even your industry, and hope it works. It’s something that takes time and effort from your team and can feel like an uphill battle at times. But we are your partners every step of the way.


OWG can help you navigate the requirements of IT compliance. We will work with your team to ensure everyone on board understands what’s needed of them, what resources will make the biggest differences, and the processes that will ensure you are always moving forward. Becoming compliant can be a painful and inconvenient process, but we won’t leave you to tread water.


How Do We Approach IT Compliance?

A Tailored Approach

We understand that every business and industry is different. You can expect a tailored experience, audit, and solutions when it comes to your IT compliance journey.

A Discussion

First, we sit down at the table with the stakeholder and work to be a translator and true consultant for your business. OWG will ask about compliance requirements and expectations - and who is requiring them.

The Solutions

Once we have a clear picture of the expectations, we will deliver a series of solutions and options that help you reduce risk and be compliant. We'll complete the research so you don’t have to. We will also bring in trusted partners such as cybersecurity and compliance vendors where we see a gap.

An Ongoing Conversation

Compliance is not a one-and-done job. Ongoing conversations are a part of the process to help ensure you are meeting the newest requirements your partners expect.


We Put Ourselves in Your Shoes

IT compliance can be a difficult conversation to have, and an even more difficult process to undergo. We know what you’re up against, and we deliver services with real value for your organization. As your partner, OWG can expose the problems in your current compliance strategy to help you determine how best to approach the solutions, all without pointing fingers or disrupting the flow of information. We put ourselves in your shoes to truly understand what’s expected of your organization and to uncover the best routes to becoming IT compliant. Our approach always aims to make the changes as pain free and stress free as possible.

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