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IT Risk Management

IT Risk Management Can Keep You on the Right Track Towards Success

As your partner, we can help keep threats at bay while you focus on growing your business.

Risk Management
Risk Management

IT Risk Management Requires Focused Attention

Do you know your risk tolerance? Are your policies aligned? A greater and more intentional focus on IT risk management can make all the difference for your organization in the case of an incident. When you decide to take IT risk management seriously, you’ll meet compliance requirements, reduce the possibility of cyber attacks, and win bigger deals. Your company will be better positioned for success by reducing the chances of fraud, outages, and downtime and increasing the changes of engaging larger clients and winning bigger deals.

Taking on Unnecessary Risk Isn’t a Game

Not paying attention to risk management could spell trouble for your bottom line. If you’re the subject of a cyberattack, for example, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars – some businesses even have to close their doors for good. On top of that, if your policies weren’t compliant, your insurance may even deny your claim. All of this can be avoided with IT risk management.
Risk Management
Risk Management

Align Your Strategies With Your Risk

By partnering with OWG for IT risk management, you will get a full assessment of your infrastructure, supply chain, and policies. We’ll work with your team to uncover all the areas of risk and be sure that current and any new policies work in a way to reduce risk.


Our conversations with your business will help to lower the chances of breaches, financial fraud, and downtime. OWG also gives you the direction you need to ensure that your policies are aligned with your security and insurance requirements, so if something does go wrong, you have avenues to set it right.

Do You Know What Threats Your Company Faces?

Many companies are not even aware of the threats they face or the risk they open their business up to on a regular basis. It’s essential that you understand the vulnerabilities of your industry, and also how your business would stand up against these threats. Breaches can be extremely expensive, and if you’re lacking the correct documented policies and actions, insurance could refuse to pay out in the event of one.


That’s why OWG helps companies like yours get to the bottom of impending threats, risk tolerance, and IT risk management. We’re your committed partners in this journey, and we’ll work directly with your team to craft new policies and procedures going forward. While we can give you direction and consult you on risk, we also need you to be equal partners. Your business won’t be able to lower risk without your team being directly involved.

Risk Management

How Does OWG’s IT Risk Management Work?

Explore Your Known Risk

To start, we want to understand your current risk, risk tolerance, and current approach, and this all begins with a conversation. We want to understand what you're up against.

Risk Assessment

With a risk assessment, we'll review written information, security policies, data policies, and insurance policies. Our team will also uncover the risk you may not have known you’re facing.

Vulnerability Assessment

In some cases, we'll perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. This will help uncover current holes and potential gaps in your network.

Provide a Path Forward

Once we've completed the assessments, we'll have another conversation with you and your team. We'll show you how your policies line up and where more work is needed.

Partner With OWG To Lower Your Risk

With constant threats of downtime, breaches, and financial fraud, it’s more important than ever to focus on IT risk management. We can be your dedicated partners during this ongoing journey. OWG understands what you’re up against on a regular basis, and with each partner, we put ourselves in their shoes.


We want to expose the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to compliance and IT risk management – and help you come up with the policies that actually lower your risk across the board. We won’t sugarcoat it, but we won’t lay blame either. And while we can’t do all the work for you in this area, we can absolutely guide you with comprehensive, customized strategies that fit your business and industry.

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