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Parallax Private Cloud Desktop

Simplify, Secure, and Scale Your Cloud Desktop

The sky is the limit with Parallax Private Cloud Desktop – instantly see and avert threats, increase efficiency, and lower IT costs, all from one cloud desktop.

Optimizing and streamlining your operations can be headache-inducing, but finding the right solution can make all the difference for your employee satisfaction, customer experiences, security, efficiency, and overall bottom line. The Parallax Private Cloud Desktop helps firms and businesses access their data from anywhere at any time. Customizable and flexible, it also scales with brands, allowing organizations to use a cost-efficient solution that meets their unique needs. And thanks to no longer having to maintain a physical infrastructure, businesses don’t have to worry about maintenance and replacement cycles, out-of-date data applications, or lack of access in remote and hybrid working environments.

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Discover Utility That Fits Your Firm With the Parallax Private Cloud Desktop

Simplified Solutions

The cloud desktop delivers accessible data and applications anytime, anywhere, in a familiar Windows environment alongside one-click deployment of new software.

Secure Environment

With built-in encryption, endpoint detection and response (EDR), disaster recovery, compliance tools, MFA, 2FA, email filtering, encrypted email, and common sense, the firm can rest assured they’re insurance and compliance ready while working in a secure environment.

Scalable & Flexible

The Parallax Private Cloud Desktop can scale up and down with firms and, fully customizable, helps users overcome performance challenges, compliance concerns, and custody worries.

Intelligent Automation

Advanced AI is integrated into the Parallax Private Cloud solution, optimizing operations and enhancing decision-making. This AI-driven approach streamlines workflows, ensures data accuracy, and provides predictive analytics, making complex tasks simpler and more efficient.

Don’t Struggle Through a Solution That Doesn’t Match Your Firm

A cloud desktop that doesn’t match your firm puts your operations, efficiency, and entire bottom line at risk. Outages, poor cybersecurity, onboarding and offboarding hurdles, outdated technology, and other concerns could be affecting how customers and your employees see your brand – and a good reputation is a hard thing to get back. Without flexibility and customizable resources, your firm could be wasting time and money putting out one fire after another.

Take Control of Your Efficiency and Security

By opting for the Parallax Private Cloud Desktop, your organization will be able to take advantage of:

  • Easy access to data and applications, anywhere and at any time
  • Enhanced strategies for security, compliance, ethics, and partnership requirements
  • A modern platform that is flexible and scalable with your firm’s wants and needs
  • Tools that enable growth expansion
  • Improved customer services and experiences
  • Lower costs for new solutions
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OWG Is Your Trusted Microsoft Azure Partner for Agility, Productivity, and Flexibility

Parallax Private Cloud Desktop is built on Microsoft Azure, and with OWG as your partner, you can experience a wealth of benefits from easy accessibility to fewer IT infrastructure challenges and improved uptime to more independence for your remote team. By adding the flexibility and customization your employees want and need, you’re bringing productivity and efficiency to your organization. As experts in Microsoft Azure, we understand what works and what doesn’t, how to identify the solutions that will best work for your organization, and how to truly take advantage of its capabilities. And we’re not going to recommend a solution we have not used ourselves or try to fit you into a single box. We’re your partners in success.

What Does Working With OWG Look Like?

Let’s Have a Conversation

Before anything else, we want to get to know you, and that starts with the initial meeting. We’ll work with you to uncover your needs and wants when it comes to efficiency, productivity, your short- and long-term goals, and your Why.

We’ll Do the Research

Once we know your goals, pain points, wants, and successes, we’ll get to work uncovering the best solutions that fit your business. We are committed to ensuring that these solutions are a perfect match for your individual needs.

Discuss the Plan

When we have a clear picture of how you can benefit, we’ll bring the solutions to the table. We’ll go over the strategy, show you how it fills your efficiency gaps, and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Make the Switch

We don’t just hand you Parallax Private Cloud Desktop or another solution and wish you good luck. Our team is with you every step of the way, from architecting the solution to ongoing support after implementation. And if you decide OWG isn’t for you, we don’t hold you hostage.

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