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IT Support

IT Support You Can Rely On

A service desk comprised of real people that is committed, personable, and flexible.

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Have More Confidence in Your IT

Would you love to talk less to your IT support team? Or hear less about tech issues from your staff? A service desk you can rely on is a must. Working with us and our service desk solution will bring confidence to your technology and overall work. We get to the bottom of each of your IT issues and deliver the solutions you require to move forward.

Your Ticket Shouldn’t Go Into a Black Hole

How often have you submitted tickets to a help desk, only to never hear back, or hear back and not have a solution to your problem? It’s the equivalent of throwing your tickets into a black hole, and it could seriously be holding your team and business back from success. A service desk you can rely on ensures your team is making the most of the technology available to them, improving workflows, and increasing productivity.

IT Support: Committed, Personable, and Flexible

You rely on your technology to do your work. From VoIP phone solutions to the cloud to the hardware on your desk, you need your IT to run smoothly. With snags in the system, you could see a drop in efficiency as well as profits. Your company requires a service desk that can diagnose issues, solve real problems, and look for patterns to help reduce the number of outages you experience.


Whether you have a problem with your technology solutions, or your hardware or software needs to be updated, our service desk is there for you. When OWG consults your company on technology and solutions, we want you to be able to use that tech to its fullest potential. That means helping you identify and solve problems you may be running into. We always want to see our partners reach success, and that means having a service desk that is responsive, committed, and efficient.

What Can You Expect From Our Service Desk?

When you work with OWG for IT consulting and reach out to our service desk for assistance, our team will act quickly to solve your issues and come up with a resolution. We always aim for a stellar customer experience for our partners. With an average response time of under 2 hours, we have a standout customer satisfaction score of 99.67%.


Since our team members are in different time zones all around North America, there is almost always someone available for assistance. We offer the options of a fixed monthly fee model, hybrid fixed/T&M fee model, and after hours on-call support to best fit your IT service needs and budget.

How We Work

Chat With Us

To ensure our service desk can best fit your IT needs, we begin with a consultation. We’ll get an idea of your business and where it can benefit the most from our services.

Develop Solutions

Next, our team will begin identifying solutions that will best fit your strategy and company. We want to be sure your IT service is designed to effectively meet the needs of your team members.

A Customized Approach

We offer customized IT service plans that speak to your company's wants and needs. At this point in the process, we'll deliver a strategy and proposal tailored to you. We do not offer "one-size-fits-all" solutions.

A Partnership

Once a strategy is developed and accepted, OWG gets to work answering your tickets and IT needs in a timely manner. We offer ongoing assistance to ensure efficiency and productivity for your team.

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What Can You Expect From Our Service Desk?

The last thing you want when you submit an IT ticket is for it to never be answered. That’s why we focus on the end user experience, fast response times, and reliable assistance. Every week, we review our previous week’s work, partners’ feedback, our internal processes and procedures, new vendor offerings, and the gaps in our current approach. From there, we constantly evolve our work to ensure we’re always delivering a top-rated end user experience. We want to solve your tech problems and identify the actual issues, rather than simply treat symptoms. OWG is committed to our partners and helping to make your work with technology easier than ever.

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