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Internet Assessment

Overdue for an Internet Assessment?

If you haven’t taken a deep dive into your internet consumption recently, you could be overpaying for your tech and hurting your overall efficiency.


Get the Internet You Need Without Breaking the Budget

Many companies are overpaying for their internet, bandwidth, and technology, or simply don’t have the infrastructure that fits their needs – and don’t even realize it. With an internet assessment, you can uncover the best solutions that deliver internet connection that works better for your business without having to increase your budget.

You’re Likely Paying Too Much for Too Little

If you really break it down, how much are you paying for your internet – and is it worth it? Companies and their employees shouldn’t have to do the daily battle with choppy connections, poor call quality, and outdated technology. How many opportunities are you missing out on because a call dropped mid-conversation, or your team can’t connect to the internet before an important meeting? We’ve been there too.

An Internet Assessment Helps You Get Back on Track

There’s no doubt that your company relies on internet for everything you do – but if you’re constantly struggling with the connection, you’re bringing down productivity, efficiency, and profits. Trying to get in touch with your internet company can feel like a battle all on its own. After all, they want to get as much as they can from you while offering as little as possible.


An internet assessment can help you determine what can be improved, what’s working, what isn’t, and where you can save money. Ongoing comprehensive audits can help you to review your current connections, internet needs, network, and business goals to uncover the best direction going forward.

Finally Cut Back on Your Internet Spending

Did you know that one of the largest items on your IT budget is your telecom spend? And internet is a big part of that. That’s why it’s essential to undergo an internet assessment sooner rather than later – and then regularly after that. As an internet broker, we have the connections that can help you get to the internet services and bandwidth that best serve your entire company.


We start our audits through our Bill Check Program. We’ll review your current internet spending and bills, and how the service you’re receiving from the internet company matches up to your needs and wants. Is it too little? Not enough? We’ll give you the full report on what can be improved, help you identify the best direction for your internet, and connect you with the best providers for your needs. And we’re not just renewing internet contracts when they come due – we’ll actively and fully check into your spending and changing needs as your business grows and changes.


What Does an Internet Assessment Include?

We'll Talk

To begin with, we want to get to the bottom of your internet consumption. This means talking over your internet spend, needs, wants, current problems, and more. What do you think is working? What isn't?

The Bill Check Program

With a review of your current expenses and solutions through our Bill Check Program, we'll determine if you're overspending for your internet, bandwidth, and technology and if it's falling short of your need.

Connecting to the Internet

After the review, OWG will bring our findings to the table. We'll recommend internet solutions, deliver a proposal for implementations, and connect you to our partners.


Working With OWG Can Keep You Connected

We understand how important internet is to your operations, and we also know that your internet needs will vary from the company next door. That’s why we start with a consulting-first approach and always deliver customized solutions to each of our partners that take your needs, wants, and budget into account. With access to all the carriers nationwide, we’re also experts in SD-WAN, which means we can help you reduce cost, increase uptime, and eliminate redundancy.

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