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Telecom Consulting

Could Telecom Consulting Improve Your Bottom Line?

Most companies are overpaying for their telecom solutions – you don’t have to be one of them.

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A Look at Your Telecom Solutions Can Result in Better Communications

Our telecom consulting services make a difference for communications, business expenses, and productivity for companies like yours. We always aim to ensure businesses are getting the best bang for their buck when it comes to internet, phone systems (analog, PBX or VoIP), and more, while also helping them obtain the packages that actually fit their business needs. Too many companies are overspending, not getting the right bandwidth or solutions for their money and don’t have the performance and modern solutions they require to complete their work efficiently. Is it time to explore how our telecom consulting can benefit you?

Don’t Overpay for Choppy Connections

Failing to have the correct telecom solutions for your organization can have some downsides that hurt your bottom line. You could be overpaying for internet, not have the right amount of bandwidth for your needs, or be constantly battling with choppy connections. If your phone system is outdated or call quality is lackluster, you’re definitely losing productivity and, potentially, clients. If you cannot use your phone system when working remotely, you need a modern phone solution.
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How Can Telecom Consulting Help Your Business?

Telecom consulting is a way for businesses to take advantage of the communication solutions that actually benefit their workforce and budget. A complete review of your current phone systems, VoIP solutions, internet providers, and bandwidth will help you identify where improvements can be made, what isn’t needed, and what solutions should be added.


Once the consulting is completed and the recommended products are implemented, companies find they have reduced costs, experience smoother internet, and have telecom solutions that benefit their work, no longer hindering their efforts. Many find it also greatly improves the employee and customer experiences, leading to better retention for both.

What Can You Expect With OWG’s Telecom Consulting Services?

We at OWG understand that dealing with internet and phone issues can lead to headaches. Some common issues we see are choppy or slow internet (especially when working remotely), unreliable or outdated phone systems, and inefficient use of the backup internet line. We’ll complete a thorough review of your current solutions, expenses, and actual business needs. Our team will then advise you on innovative solutions that solve these problems and more – meaning no more internet outages and more bang for your buck – you might even save some money!


We know you’re a unique company and have unique needs when it comes to phone systems, internet, and VoIP. That’s why we approach every telecom consulting session with your business in mind. The recommendations we bring to the table will be suited to your company, workforce, and budget, not just a package we present to all of our partners.


How It Works

A Conversation

All our work begins with a conversation. We'll discuss your business needs and wants, your goals for the future, and the current problems you're running into when it comes to telecom solutions, including internet, VoIP, phone systems, and more.

The Bill Check Program

When we begin consulting, we'll start with what we call the Bill Check Program. Our team will review your expenses and see where modern solutions fit with your needs and where they don't. OWG will begin identifying the best options for your company.

Getting You Connected

Once we've completed the review, we'll get back in touch with our recommendations that will get you more bandwidth and bang for your buck. We'll also provide a proposal to handle the implementations for you, or in some cases get you connected to our partners who will implement the solutions that will improve your lines of communication.


Work With OWG To Find Telecom Solutions That Actually Fit You

Businesses can’t be fit into a box when it comes to telecom solutions, and we’ll never try to fit you into one. It’s essential to identify the resources and tools that best fit your business, needs, wants, and budget. And we want to help you get there. We have decades of experience working with internet service providers in Los Angeles and New York and connecting companies to these partners for a seamless experience. OWG wants to ensure that our telecom consulting services are driving your business forward, while improving the customer experience, customer retention, employee experience, and your bottom line.

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