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Cloud Prisoner

Don’t become a prisoner of your computing infrastructure or private cloud. Understand who has custody of your data. 

The cloud simplifies remote access, business continuity, and disaster recovery. But what happens when you change IT service vendors? 

‍From basic services like email and Office365 to Infrastructure as a Service and complete virtual desktop, an organization can gain flexibility, redundancy, business continuity, security, and even competitive advantage by working in a Cloud environment. 


As reported on by HelpNet Security in late 2020, high-availability access, on-demand computing power, limitless storage, and enterprise grade security lifted the rate of Cloud adoption among small/mid-size businesses even before the pandemic, and hit ludicrous speed once the remote workforce took to their homes. 

Since most organizations will use a technology integrator or managed service provider for the migration, what happens when that vendor is no longer providing services? Even without a “long-term contract”, because of how some Cloud environments are designed, a business can get stuck in a scenario that makes it hard to change IT vendors. So, how can your business stay protected? Here’s what you need to know: 

1) When MSPs first began considering Cloud for their clients (almost a decade ago) public Cloud wasn’t what it is today, and most built their own.

2) Leveraging private data centers, these technology firms invested in massive infrastructure, and built highly proprietary “walled gardens
3) Offering clients a scalable environment with business continuity and integrated disaster recovery, a solution was born
4) Over the years, IT firms spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital expenses and upgrades to ensure performance, availability, and security. Changing their Cloud offering isn’t typically an option
5) Clients in these environments have only one choice when it comes to who can provide services/support. Migrating to a new platform is costly and time intensive

Technology firms that made the leap to offer public infrastructure do see thinner margins, but they also have access to the most cutting-edge technology, integrated cybersecurity tools, and tremendous flexibility for clients that understand data custody and have concerns about uprooting an entire virtual ecosystem if the need for a new technology partner arises.

So What Can You Do?


Understanding who has custody of your data (where data resides), how it’s accessed, and what’s involved when it comes time to sever a relationship is critical, and it’s up to you, the client, to figure it out. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Where exactly is your data stored? 
  • What virtualization tools/systems are used for access?
  • Is there anything proprietary about the infrastructure?
  • Is there anything proprietary about the access tools? 
  • What happens if the vendor is no longer providing service?
  • Is it a total “lift and shift” of your data, email and apps?
  • Is it simply changing the owner of record?
  • What’s involved in a typical migration?
  • If possible, speak with references and even former clients to discuss their migration experience

At the end of the day, no one of us want to think about ending a relationship before things even get started. But since change is one of the few constants, being prepared is critical and it’s always better to address these issues now when the relationship is healthy.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on Cloud adoption, or a story relating to Cloud on-boarding/off-boarding. Drop your info below, set a time on our calendar or shoot us an email.

VPN is dead

Today’s modern and mature business can’t function through the VPN or an antiquated remote desktop solution.

Remote access to corporate technology (email, data, infrastructure, financials, etc) isn’t new. Most organizations have had some sort of solution in place for at least the last decade, with stragglers getting a push from the pandemic. 



But as conversations like Zero Trust or UX (the user experience) become more common, our clients look to better position themselves and it’s no longer just about “accessing the network”. Cost, compliance, latency, security, productivity, collaboration – all of these are shaping the way IT teams and corporate leaders consider the future of their information technology and nothing can match a virtualized environment. 


Users want easy access to business applications, data, and email. Managers need productivity analytics and integrated collaboration tools that are easy to use. Regulatory and compliance requirements call for advanced cybersecurity. Finance wants a cost-effective solution with clear billing and no long-term obligations.




The solution is an integrated cloud computing model with a native user experience and services that include analytics, cybersecurity, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web apps.


VPN is Dead
Fortunately, we’ve come to a place and time where all of this possible, at a cost that’s affordable and easy to understand.

Next-Gen Cloud from OWG is built on the Azure infrastructure and from safety to UX we’ve considered it all. For a closer look, check out our published live demo. From a higher level, our solutions let’s you and your team: 

Stay productive from home and outside the office. Sign on to any device and quickly launch office apps and securely access corporate data.


Protect IP and business-critical data. Give users freedom and easy access to their work from anywhere over a secure network.


Control access through the user profile. Conditional access controls determine user access based on user profile, geo- location, team, etc.


Simplified licensing and billing. Can be included with Offices 365 billing which you’re likely paying already.


• Leverage advanced cybersecurity features. Including integrated and enforceable multi-factor authentication, and auditing features for easy compliance and reporting.


Remain vendor agnostic. Don’t get hamstrung by your IT services vendor. Next-gen cloud allows you to select the vendor of your choice and makes it easy to leave when you decide.


To learn more, or have a conversation about how Next-Gen Cloud from OWG can benefit your business complete the request for info below, or just book a time on my calendar.  

NextGen Cloud

Our Cloud sets growth, efficiency, and security within your sights.

How do you manage IT operations, implement and control security policies, maintain a high-level technology strategy?

How is your business adjusting to the hybrid workforce and the stress it places on IT infrastructure, collaboration, and cybersecurity?

Next-Gen Cloud from OWG makes it easy

  • Business applications and company data securely reside on platform-independent technology
  • Data and applications are seamlessly delivered to any approved device
  • Workloads are secured with industry-leading tools and artificial intelligence
  • Access is protected in a Zero Trust framework with multi-factor authentication, single-sign-on (SSO), and AI-driven threat detection
  • Your business is free from weather related issues, power outages, fire, flood, theft, or other logistical constraints

To learn how our Next-Gen Cloud can help your business drop your name and email below, or tag our calendar and let’s have a conversation.

Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure features an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. Its integrated cloud-computing services include analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web apps. All this leads to moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.

  • Fast app delivery
    Quickly develop, deploy, and manage your enterprise, mobile, web, and Internet of Thing apps anywhere with your choice of tools, language, or framework.
  • Security
    Ensure the safety and privacy of your apps and data through Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery, as well as more comprehensive compliance coverage
  • Better decision-making
    Make strategic decisions using predictive analytics and valuable insights
  • Scalability
    Seamlessly scale up or down with Azure according to your business cycles

Use Azure and free up your team and allow them to focus on where your firm can add value and great customer experiences. 

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Cloud for accountants CPAs

As hybrid work continues, here’s how we helped one NJ firm with a fast, easy, and secure Cloud.

Accounting firms are notoriously conservative, especially when considering offsite computing. 


With high standards and a reputation for providing exceptional service through their highly-specialized staff, technology drives this firm. A highly respected institution among its peers, we integrated our Next-Gen Cloud and the staff has never been more productive. 

Cloud for NJ Accounting

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Hybrid Office

The push towards the Hybrid Office has been wreaking havoc on small and mid-market businesses since before the pandemic.

To address the growing complexities and meet the needs of employees and employers, we’ve developed a secure virtual-workplace solution that leverages Azzure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and accommodates the performance and security needs of your business. 

Improve mobility
Virtualize employee access in the cloud, making it scalable, up-to-date, and available on any device

Ramp up security
Advanced security solutions help you control and manage identities, access, and prevent threats

Reduce costs

Simplify IT management and move away from and investment heavy CAPEX model to scalable OPEX 

Boost productivity

Leverage a suite of collaboration and communication tools to improve productivity


Leap to the Cloud

What will it take for your business to make the jump to the Cloud?

For this exceedingly traditional Los Angeles-based law firm it was a global pandemic and state lockdowns that almost brought the business to a stand-still.  

A  dynamic leader in the space, this entertainment law firm serves the hottest names in the music business and  reps hundreds of artists across all facets of their career. They provide a level of attention that allows their clients to navigate touring agreements and deals with major labels.

We’d been advising the partners on the risks associated with on-premise equipment and the benefits of Cloud technology. But, with no serious disruptions, their reluctance to embrace new technology meant they would continue to operate at a disadvantage.  

Take the leap to Next-Gen Cloud

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Enable your team with our Cloud

Is your firm offering a true hybrid work environment with the same user experience for remote and in-office teams?

Your IT systems should enable success, not get in the way of it. Our Next-Gen Cloud is built on the highly available Azure infrastructure, and secured with enterprise class software. Here are six ways it will enable your team to be great!

Six ways Cloud will enable your team.

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