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The Dangers of Shadow IT

Shadow IT

The Dangers of Shadow IT

Protect your company from Shadow IT.

Shadow IT may seem like a resourceful attempt to problem solve, but it actually can be quite harmful and introduces serious security risks through data leaks, compliance violations, unpatched software and more.


Protect against Shadow IT

Michael’s trying to share a file with a client, but’s having trouble… the file’s too large to send in an email. After a few unsuccessful attempts he’s getting frustrated.

Then he remembers a free file sharing app and tries downloading it to his company computer.
Within minutes he gets a notification from the IT Service Desk reminding him company policy prohibits “Shadow IT”, or the use of non-approved software. They also explain that he has Office 365 and can take advantage of its easy to use, secure file sharing abilities. 
Bonus! The client also uses Office 365. The process is seamless and the two can easily collaborate without dealing with multiple versions, emailing back and forth, and lost data. 

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Mathew Mendel